ExcelliPrint receives IPDS documents from IBM AS/400 servers and legacy mainframes, and processes in ways that fit with enterprise print environments. You get the full range of IPDS features, on your Windows system, in modern data formats. It provides a number of conversions and enterprise printing features.

Bridge between legacy systems and Windows platforms

ExcelliPrint provides access for your current processing environment, to all your IPDS data. With ExcelliPrint you can:

  • print to both Windows printers and high speed PCL printers
  • convert to searchable PDF that you can display, index, pass to document management, ERP and COLD systems
  • extract plain text for use with variable data printing systems or conventional data processing
  • convert to standard Web image formats
  • convert to TIFF for faxing, publishing and other applications
  • print to email–send print jobs via email, automatically

Lower cost per IPDS printer

We price additional printers at a lower cost than the base software license. This allows you to add printers without multiplying the price.